New England International Auto Show: Latest Cars and Tech

New England International Auto Show
New England International Auto Show

The New England International Auto Show also called the Boston Auto Show, is one of the region’s largest gatherings of vehicles. There were a number of cars at the event this year that deserved recognition, as well as some exciting new designs and technologies that might hit the industry later this year.

According to, the auto show featured some incredible automotive designs and technologies. Some of the notable aspects include autonomous vehicle technologies, such as self-driving cars. You couldn’t get behind the wheel of an autonomous vehicle just yet, but you could get up close and personal with features like Traffic Jam Assist and self-braking.

“Artificial intelligence is really where the future is,” said Barbara Pudney, VP of Paragon Group and organizer of the event. “Traffic Jam Assist is one of my favorites, considering Boston traffic!”

GM had some notable cars at the event as well, including the latest Corvette and the Bolt EV. In fact, the Bolt received recognition as one of the top alternative-energy designs in the industry, and many of those in attendance were drawn to its new design.

The Boston Auto Show was truly exciting, especially for GM. Visitors were able to see the latest self-driving technologies, as well as the advanced eco-friendly designs from GM. For more information visit the Swanson Buick GMC website or come see us in Framingham, MA today.

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