The myBuick App is the Perfect Driving Coach

myBuick App
Make Driving Simpler

What Is myBuick App?

In an era where everyone is trying to be more efficient, smart, and practice healthier habits, it’s important to recognize areas in which to improve. Buick is here to answer the call with the new myBuick app, which allows drivers to monitor their driving habits and recognize patterns so as to improve. Buick has integrated Buick Smart Driver services into the new app, giving drivers access to their actual driving data on a consistent basis, like mpg and accelerating/braking habits. With the myBuick app, you can become a better driver by monitoring your habits and following the app’s tips on how to become a smarter driver.

Better Driving System

Since we spend so much time in our vehicles, we should have a smart app that helps us improve our driving habits and thus our daily lifestyle. Just like how people monitor their health, fitness, and sleep using smartphone apps, the myBuick app provides useful data to drivers that can help improve their lives. The mobile app will present you with information in the following categories: hard braking and acceleration, high-speed driving, average mpg and mph, late-night driving, and total miles driven. The app will subsequently give you an overall Smart Driver score with which you can evaluate your progress. If you have a Buick model from 2015 or newer, you should consider downloading the myBuick app to analyze your driving habits.

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