Regal TourX Design Gets Recognition from Industry Leaders

Regal TourX design
The TourX Is Changing The World

Redefined Family Ride

The Buick Regal TourX is a striking new vehicle with surprising capabilities and a refined ride. Ideal for families or those who simply want added space for outdoor adventures, the Regal TourX is one vehicle you won’t want to stop driving. In fact, the Regal TourX design has received recognition from a number of reviewers in the industry.

Versatility & Utility

According to Buick, this model is centered around driving dynamics and versatility, yet it also has a more contemporary design than other models on the market. It rides high, which is great for rugged terrain in terms of ground clearance, and it also comes with intelligent all-wheel drive to optimize handling on slippery surfaces. Plus, the upscale utility will make any drive more enjoyable.

Quick Recognition

The TourX is a new model, so it hasn’t had much time to win awards. However, it has received recognition from several prominent review websites and magazines. For example, Car and Driver notes that “Buick is doubling down on its bet by offering the Regal TourX wagon alongside the four-door Sportback.” The editors at Car and Driver particularly like the spacious interior, impressive braking, and sophisticated all-wheel-drive system.

Dynamic Design

Noting the striking design of the TourX, the experts at MotorTrend wrote that “Buick might be taking another gamble with the Regal TourX, but it’s likely a good one.” They especially love the driving dynamics and the roomy interior as well.

Upscale Vehicle

Meanwhile, Consumer Reports stated that the TourX is “[a]n upscale wagon alternative to SUVs . . . Granting it an adventurous appearance and increased capability, the TourX has an elevated ride height, and it sports a more durable front end, fender moldings, and a roof rack.” In short, the TourX is well on its way to dominating the awards and accolades given out later in the year.

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